QR Pixel

Custom Pixel Art QR Codes!

Instructions: Draw on the canvas below using the mouse! Then, enter a destination URL and hit Generate to make a custom pixel art QR Code!

QR CODE DRAWING SURFACE goes here - sorry - your browser is not supported - get a better browser! Firefox or Chrome or Safari or Opera


  • use the left mouse button to draw black.
  • use the right mouse button to draw white.
  • use the middle mouse button to draw random (gray).
  • red areas cannot be changed, they are part of the data.
  • urls starting with http:// and longer than 19 characters will be automatically shortened using the qr.cm short domain.
  • you need to wait a few seconds while the server crunches the numbers.
  • have fun! be sure to share your creation @qrpixel!

Start with a template:

Black White Circle

How does it work? Instead of abusing the error correction features to add images, QR Pixel encodes the image into padding bits between the data and ECC sections. Low correction mode and a 19-character limit are used for maximum usable image area.

Warning: While this method has worked with all QR code readers I've tested so far, and has much better results than relying on error correction, make sure you test it before pasting it everywhere!

Remember! Since this website generates QR codes with the error correction still intact, feel free to customize the generated image for even more creative possibilities!

Recent Images: