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    • 快速動力學停流裝置與光譜


    • 產品描述:快速動力學停流裝置與光譜分析系統
    * 蛋白質折疊動力學(Protein Folding)
    * 酶動力學(Enzyme Kinetice)
    * 底物結合(Substrate Binding)
    * 構象轉變(Conformational Changes)
    * 胞內底物運輸(Substrate Transport in Vesicles)
    * 第二信使研究(Second Messenger Studies)
    * 快速化學反應動力學(Rapid Chemical Reaction Kinetics)

    KinTek has always been a leader in building stopped-flow instruments that conserve precious samples. The all new AutoSF-120 sets a new standard for sample economy, requiring only 120 microliters of sample to flush, load and collect data, while giving with 3-4 replicate measurements. The flushing and sample loading are all done automatically. Simply pipette 120 microliters of solution into each sample cup and click "Load".

    In the process of designing this new state-of-the-art instrument, we also added new noise reduction electronic circuits to improve signal:noise twofold and achieved a submillisecond dead time. In addition we completely re-wrote the system software for data collection and analysis to give unparalleled ease of use and power.

    The KinTek AutoSF is by far the best stopped-flow instrument ever built, giving you more high quality data while consuming less sample and less time.

    An optional robotic autosampler increases throughput even more to afford unattended stopped-flow measurements of hundreds of samples per day.


  • Small sample volume: 120 μL is sufficient to flush and load a new sample and get 3-4 reproducible shots. All other instruments require 3-5 times as much sample.
  • Automated computer-controlled load/flush/fire cycle — simply pipet 120 μL into each sample cup and click "load".
  • Twofold improvement in signal/noise with new noise reduction circuits
  • Compact footprint: instrument and electronics combined (14 × 26.5 × 4.5 inches)
  • Computer optimized optical path with lower noise and background fluorescence
  • Automated sample loader, which can be interfaced with an optional robot.
  • 200 μl of sample is sufficient to load and collect 6-8 good shots.
  • Standard 10 μl flow cell.
  • 20 μl per shot per solution.
  • Has two fluorescence channels and one absorbance channel that can be observed and recorded simultaneously.
  • Under complete computer control, courtesy of the KinTek StopFlow Software.
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